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Volume 6 Issue 5 Paper 1

JavaScript for AI-Enabled Web Accessibility: Tools, Techniques, and User Experience Considerations

Nithish Nadukuda
Paypal Inc.
Email: ninadukuda@gmail.com


JavaScript has become an integral part of web development, and its role in enhancing accessibility for users, particularly those with disabilities, is increasingly recognized. This article explores the intersection of JavaScript and AI-enabled web accessibility, delving into tools, techniques, and user experience considerations. It investigates how JavaScript can be leveraged alongside AI technologies to create more inclusive web experiences. From implementing dynamic content changes to utilizing machine learning algorithms for personalized accessibility features, this article examines various approaches to enhance accessibility through JavaScript. Additionally, it addresses the importance of considering user experience implications when implementing AI-enabled accessibility features, ensuring that advancements in technology lead to more intuitive and user-friendly web interfaces.

Keywords: JavaScript, AI-enabled, web accessibility, tools, techniques, user experience, dynamic content, machine learning algorithms, personalized features, inclusive design.

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