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Yes, the International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (IJAIML) is an open access journal that aims to have the maximum readership possible.

IJAIML is published once a month.

IJAIML is an electronic journal and no print copies are published.

IJAIML is a peer-reviewed journal. It uses a double-blind peer review process. Submissions are sent to two reviewers whose recommendations will be used to decide if a paper is accepted as is, requires changes before being accepted, needs to be re-submitted due to requiring extensive changes, or if it is rejected by the journal.

IJAIML publishes original and review papers, scientific models, empirical research and book reviews.

More details on submissions can be made are found at here.

Yes, if a submission is accepted for publication, author(s) are required to pay a fee. The fee for single author papers is USD 200, and the fee for multiple author papers is USD 125 per author. This fee is compulsory for publication, but we do consider requests for waiving the fee in exceptional circumstances. Method(s) of payment will be communicated to the authors once their submission has been accepted. Further queries on this matter can be addressed to inquiries@ijaiml.com

The review process takes a maximum of two weeks.

Yes, the same author can submit more than one paper at a time.

No. Authors retain the copyrights for all articles published in the International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The Journal, however, is granted first rights to publish the material.

Yes. Any persons interested in joining the review team of IJAIML can reach out to inquiries@ijaiml.com

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