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Your work is suitable for publication in the IJAIML if

  • It explores subjects related to the latest developments and challenges in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Your work is entirely original, has never been published on any other platform and is not consideration for publication in any other publication or platform.
  • It is able to come through the double blind, peer-review system put in place by the Journal. Through this system, two reviewers will go through your work carefully. Any changes recommended by them must be made and once this process is complete and your work is approved for publication, the relevant publication fee must be paid. (Note: the peer review process is expected to take at least two weeks)

Authors are reminded that they themselves will own the copyright to work published in the IJAIML. Upon submitting their work for consideration at the Journal, authors offer the first right of publication to the IJAIML. Once published at IJAIML, the Journal and its publishers are not liable for any damages in case the work is reproduced in whole or in part, or published elsewhere as this would be outside the purview of the International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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