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Volume 1 Issue 3 Paper 1

A review of the use of artificial intelligence in the field of education

Mohit Sidana,
Education Consultant, Australia


This brief exploratory review was aimed at evaluation of the use of artificial intelligence and its effectiveness in educational field. The literature search of Google Scholar yielded 26 usable papers, which were discussed from the point of view of conceptual frameworks, applications and evaluation of artificial intelligence. Many conceptual frameworks were identified. They differed with respect to their contexts of use while the basic principles remained the same. Use of augmented technology has been very promising. AI has been in use for some time now. Various types of AI applications in tutoring, learning music, drawing, reading comprehension etc. have been tested successfully. Many of the AI applications have been evaluated successfully. However, sometimes, problems of slower speed and software problems, lower utility of feedback messages and their contents, lower level of learning, sometimes no advantage of using the tool over conventional teaching were noticed.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Education, Applications, Review, Trend

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