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Volume 1 Issue 2 Paper 1

Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare

Salem Hamoud H Alanazi,
University of Massachusetts, USA


Rapid advancements in the field of science and technology have led to the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence in all fields, including healthcare. The use of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare globally has become more common, especially in connection with the immense amounts of data being generated. From data mining techniques to big data analysis to decision making systems to speech recognition to assisted living for the elderly, Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming a part of healthcare systems worldwide. This paper aims to review some of the research studies which have been carried out on the use of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare. For this paper, specific search terms were used in Google Scholar search engine and the results were shortlisted according to the year of publication. From the review of the studies available on the subject, it was clear that the use of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare was not just ubiquitous but also increasingly pervasive in every field and area related to healthcare.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, Trends, Advances, Review

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